First of all, we would love to welcome you all back. We have missed each and every one of you. We are glad that you all stayed safe during this crazy time and it is our goal to continue to keep you that way (at least while you are hanging with us). We have taken the time to put all this information together so we can keep all of you informed on our goals as artists and what we expect of each of you as our guests.


Your artist:


-Will wear his or her mask at all times during the tattooing process. We spend lots of time super close to each other during your tattoo, and you aren’t even buying us drinks first!


-Will have their temperatures checked before the start of work each day.


-Will continue, as always, to wash their hands on a constant basis.


-Will do their best to get everyone’s needs handled as we always have. Please be patient with us. Returning to work after nearly 2 months can be daunting and we may take steps to keep from burning ourselves out. A stressed out us will make for an unsatisfied you.



We ask you, the client:


-To wear a face covering during your tattoo process. The TN Health Dept has made it a requirement for all individuals receiving services MUST wear a face covering. We will make any necessary adjustments to make the process as comfortable as possible depending on the position required for your tattoo.


-To please fill out one of our Covid-19 questionnaires in addition to our normal paperwork when you come in to the studio.


-To come alone to your appointment. No guests will be allowed in our studio. We will do our best to keep you thoroughly entertained.


-To come to your appointment only at the designated time. Our studio will remain locked at all times and only allow people in that the artists are ready for. You may be asked to wait in your car, or outside, or you may visit one of our wonderful downtown shops. We will take down your number and the wonderful Miss Tink will call you as soon as we are ready for you. Upon entering the premises we are required to perform and document a temperature check using our NO-TOUCH thermometer.


-To be patient with all of our changes and know we only do the things we do to keep all of us as safe as possible.


Most of our artists prefer communication via email, so please feel free to contact your particular artist with any questions you may have regarding your tattoo, appointment, and/or our Covid-19 process. You may click on your artist’s name below in order to send them a message. Their return date is listed beside their name.


Joseph Maye (May 11th)

Brandy Patterson (May 15th)

Sierra Palmer ( May 15th)

Hank King ( May 11th)

Summer Hamrick ( June 1st)

Meghan Ortiz (May 11th)

Cameron Jenkins (May 11th)


Once again, we are very excited to see all of you again and we look forward to returning to a normal way of life. But for now, THIS is our normal and we are all here to do our part.