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             Tattoo Aftercare


Aftercare is crucial to the quality and duration of your new tattoo as well as your health and well-being. A tattoo is very much like any other minor wound and should be cared for as such. Be sure to follow these simple steps and your tattoo will heal nicely and make the experience well worth it.


FIRST, the artist will apply a bandage to your new tattoo once it has had a final cleaning and rubbed down with a thin coat of ointment. Leave this bandage on for approximately 2 hours because it will soak up any fluids or residue that may continue once the tattoo is complete.


SECOND, once the bandage is removed, the tattoo area should be cleaned with a mild, antibacterial soap and lukewarm water. Wash your hands and then apply a portion of soap to the tattoo and rub it in gently. Then rinse the tattoo with water. You do not need to bandage the tattoo again after the initial one is removed.


THIRD, apply Hustle Butter or FRANGRANCE FREE lotion to the tattoo 1-3 times per day with a light and even coat. Do not leave gobs of lotion or creams on the tattoo. Your tattoo needs to breathe during the healing process. Ensure that your hands are clean every time before applying lotion.


Continue this process during the entire duration of healing which can range from 10-14 days.



- Use any products with perfumes on your tattoo. It can cause the tattoo to become red and irritated and could cause infection.

- Scratch or pick at your tattoo during the healing process. Scabbing and/or dryness/itching can occur during the healing process. This is normal. In order to prevent harm to your tattoo during this process, only lightly smack the tattooed area if itching occurs.

-Get into any swimming pools, hot tubs or submerge your tattoo in water for any extended amount of time. The only way the tattoo should get wet is when showering or washing on a daily basis. When showering, ensure that the water does not directly hit the tattoo for an extended time.

-Get the tattoo in direct sunlight or tanning beds for at least 3 weeks.



-Enjoy your new tattoo and feel free to contact your artist with any problems or concerns.

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