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  • Do I pay a deposit for my tattoo appointment?
    Some of our artist here require a non-refundable deposit to book an appointment. Once you have contacted them and consulted about your tattoo, they will let you know if they require a deposit or not.
  • How can I determine which tattoo artist at Now or Never Gallery best suits my style and preferences
    A: At Now or Never Gallery, we understand the importance of finding the right tattoo artist to bring your vision to life. We recommend starting by viewing our artists' online portfolios on our website. Each artist has their own unique style, from black and grey realism to vibrant color work, and everything in between. Take your time to explore their previous work and see which artist's portfolio resonates with your personal style and artistic preferences. You can also consider scheduling a consultation with the artist to discuss your ideas and see if they are the right fit for your tattoo project. Our team is here to help guide you in finding the perfect match for your next tattoo.
  • How do I book an appointment?
    Each of the artists here at the studio handle their own respective bookings. If you know which artist you would like to do your tattoo, you can reach them by email through the link supplied on their portfolio page. Once you have contacted an artist, they will let you know what further steps you need to take in order to set up an appointment. If you are unsure what artist fits your idea best, feel free to contact the shop or stop by and we can guide you in the direction we believe fits best.
  • Can I use numbing cream on my tattoo?
    At Now or Never Gallery, we advise against using numbing cream on your tattoo. Numbing cream can affect the quality of the tattoo by potentially causing the skin to swell, making it more challenging for the artist to work. Additionally, numbing creams can interfere with the healing process, leading to longer recovery times and increased risk of complications. Our experienced artists are skilled at making the tattoo experience as comfortable as possible, and we encourage open communication during the process to ensure your comfort. If you have concerns about pain during the tattoo process, please discuss them with your artist so they can work with you to make the experience as positive as possible.the decision to Numb before a tattoo should be made mutually between you and your artist. The FDA has also recently released a memo containing certain products that DO NOT meet the requirements for approval and we advise you to read it HERE.
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